Testimonial – Michael A. DeMayo

     “When I started the project of building my dream house, I interviewed a number of the best and highly recommended contractors and architects from the area, including a few nationally recognized companies in the business of building high end, special custom homes. Jas-Am had come highly recommended by Mr. Scott Carpenter from SC Interiors, a design firm based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Scott is the most talented interior decorator/designer I have ever met and he said for me to build what I envisioned, there was only one builder for me, Jas-Am Builders. From the first day I met Mr. Sajjan Dhaliwal, I knew that Jas-Am was the only company to build my unique and special custom home. His extensive list of prior success stories aside, I liked his optimistic approach to my ideas and his openness to apply my vision from both an engineering background that insured both structural integrity and painstaking attention to detail.

     While building the home, my wishes and new ideas, expanded the size of the home exponentially, which might have flustered other builders, Sajjan adapted and offered excellent solutions to seemingly impossible desires and never wavered in his commitment to providing my spectacular dream home. From improving on the one of a kind custom-built deluge shower I had envisioned and encountered on my travels, to the construction of the sound proof, sixteen seat, movie theatre complete with 3D and D-box seats that move with the action in the movie, I was always told we could do it and he would figure out an way somehow. He even oversaw the installation of each piece of equipment for our home gym, and the installation of the indoor invisible pet fencing, to keep the pets out of the kitchen and key areas.

     Sajjan was a constant presence and maintained his involvement throughout the entire process.  This personalized attention to his clients and implementing their wishes with attention to the budget is what separates Jas-Am from other builders. Thanks to Jas-Am’s unique and unmatched experience and dedication, my family and I are living in the home of our dreams. I do not think this would have been possible without the amazing and dedicated work of Jas-Am. I would highly recommend Jas-Am to anyone looking to build or renovate their home. The commitment to quality and a superior finished product is unparalleled in the industry and I highly recommend Jas-Am to anyone who wants the build a special custom home. Your dream is only a phone call away.”