“When I started the project of building my dream house, I interviewed a number of the best and highly recommended contractors and architects from the area, including a few nationally recognized companies in the business of building high end, special custom homes. Continued…

Michael A. DeMayo Michael A. DeMayo -

“These guys are one-of-a-kind builders. When we asked for something to be done you can believe it’s going to be done perfectly. That is beyond rare.”

Antawn Jamison Antawn Jamison - Los Angeles Clippers

“I chose Jas-Am Group because I believed I could totally trust them; and many years after our home was finished, I still trust them.”

Dr. Hemanth Rao Dr. Hemanth Rao -

“I would recommend Jas-Am Custom Home Builder’s Charlotte NC Group to friends because I witnessed their total dedication to quality for myself. I trust them–and that’s the highest compliment I can pay someone.”

Muhsin Muhammad Muhsin Muhammad -Chicago Bears